DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarm FAQ's

Is The DRI Sleeper Electically Safe?

The DRI Sleeper runs on only six volts and a tiny current, and it is so safe that you can put the detector on your tongue, and trigger the alarm, but you will feel nothing. All that happens is for less than a second a few microamps (which you can not feel) passes through the detector and triggers the alarm unit, which then keeps beeping.

How does the alarm turn off?

The moisture detector plugs into the alarm unit and this switches it on so that it is ready to detect urine. When the alarm has been triggered by the urine, the alarm will keep on beeping until the detector is unplugged from the alarm unit. This switches the alarm off, and also resets it ready to be switched on again when the detector is plugged in.

What batteries does the DRI Sleeperuse?

The batteries are 4 X 1.5 volt alkaline "button type" similar to those used in a calculator. (Panasonic LR 44 or equivalent, we put a sticker inside the battery compartment showing the equivalent ones which are suitable).

How is the Urosensor™ cleaned?

The detector is a moulded unit and so no urine or water can get inside. Therefore it is simple to wash in soap and water, or if you want an even higher standard of hygiene, then you can clean it in alcohol (e.g., rubbing alcohol from any pharmacy).

Manufacturing Warranty

We will repair / replace any Alarm unit which fails due to a manufacturing fault within 1 year of purchase.  We will not replace or repair if the fault is due to damage due to misuse.  Batteries are not covered by the warranty. 

Especially note that the Urosensor™ is a consumable item and is warrantied for 30 days. What this means is that it is expected that it will need replacing from time to time, just as the earphone on a portable radio will need replacing from time to time. Whilst we expect the sensor with correct handling to last long enough for the usual treatment time of 3 to 6 weeks, it may need replacing during a longer treatment time, and so our advice is to purchase a spare Urosensor™ when you buy your DRI Sleeper™ to have on hand, to ensure continuity of treatment, just as people will usually have a spare earphone for their portable radio.

Returns :

The Distance Selling Regulations afford the customer a period of 14 working days, which begins on the day the consumer receives the goods to return the goods. The returned goods must be unused, in the original unopened sealed outer packaging/mailing envelope and be in a condition to allow the resale of the item.  If the package has been opened then for obvious hygiene reasons we would not be able to accept the return of the sensor, but you would be able to return just the Alarm Unit for a refund of £25.99 providing this is in an unused re-saleable condition complete with all the original packaging and enclosures.

The return shipping cost is borne by the customer.  We would advise you use a tracked method of return as we will only refund on items that are actually received back.