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Our mission is to bring to you an affordable and highly acclaimed bed wetting alarm system.  As a Grandmother, Mother & Auntie it came to my attention the lack of help in the U.K for parents of bedwetting children & the children themselves, and felt this was an issue that needed addressing.  Alarms have been in use for many years by the NHS as a good reliable treatment for night time wetting.  Lack of NHS funding unfortunately means that there are a lack of alarms available for incontinence nurses to be able to issue one to every child that is in need and as such the waiting lists for the loan of an alarm on the NHS are very long and children frequently have to wait until the ages of 10 or older before they reach the top of these lists.  We have sourced an alarm that fills this gap at an affordable cost to most (especially when you weigh up the savings that will be made when there is no longer the need to purchase costly pull-ups and pyjama pants....)


How common is bed-wetting?

It’s not a new problem, in fact there’s research on bed-wetting that goes back over at least 50 years and it shows that between 10% to 20% of children between the ages of five and ten wet the bed at night, and even at the age of 19, there are 2% who are still wetting. 

Bed-wetting can be an agonising problem, but there is a great deal that can be done about it.







Bed Wetting is more than just a wet bed.

If your child frequently wets the bed, you know just how problematic it is.

Bedwetting means: Frustration, Tension and Stress for both the Parents and the Child, a Fear to go to Bed, no sleepovers with friends or school trips and excessive laundry for you!

The cost of Bedwetting is approximately an incredible £176.00 every 6 months!!! This is based on a daily cost of 22p for electricity and 25p for washing detergent, and 20p for 1 pull-up per night if you use pull-up's at night for your child.

Your Child is NOT alone and neither are YOU!

In every class of 8 year olds there are on average 4 children that bed wet, who, without treatment will have to make their excuses and miss out on School trips and sleepovers with friends.

Take Action NOW to cure your Childs' Bedwetting and put an END to both Yours and Your Childs Misery